Travelling to New York With Your Pets

It is estimated that New York is home to 1.1 million pets, including 600,000 dogs and 500,000 cats. With all these furry friends living the NYC dream, the concrete jungle definitely lives up to its name!

Whether you’re moving for the long haul or paying the city a little visit with family and friends, here’s all the know-how about going to New York with your pets! From comfortable places to stay and dine out to fun activities to keep both you and your companion entertained, the Big Apple has it all!

Places To Stay

Settling Down

Home is where the pets are! When looking to move permanently into the big city like NYC, it’s important to remember that not all apartments and houses will accommodate for your furry companion. 

According to Streeteasy studies, Battery Park City was found to be New York City’s most dog-friendly neighbourhood, with 63% of buildings being pet-friendly! The area also snagged this title due to its three dog parks, 216 dog sitters and 57 veterinarians!

battery park city new york with pets
Battery Park City
(Source: LuxuryDefined)

If you’re looking for a neighbourhood with a lot of nearby parks for your dog to exercise, Brooklyn’s DUMBO neighbourhood (Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) is your place to go. With 7 dog parks located a short walk away from one another, your pet will always have a fun new area to stretch their legs. 
A pup-favourite is Hillside Dog Park, where many Brooklyn dogs go to socialize and run around in its vast empty nature spaces. With amenities such as benches, a fountain (one for you, one for your dog!) as well as a small private section for timid pups, Hillside gives the DUMBO area its tail-wagging rep!

hillside dog park new york with pets
Hillside Dog Park is a pup-favourite among Brooklyn’s dog parks!


New York City has over 350 pet-friendly hotels to choose from, located all over the city. Here are some of the top rated on that long list:

Enjoy breathtaking views of Central Park with your pet right by your side. This 5-star hotel is also home to one of NYC’s top-rated restaurants.

This 4 star Chelsea hotel is famous for its close proximity to High Line, an elevated linear park, greenway and rail trail that is a must see for all NYC visitors. The hotel’s French-style garden and decorations also makes a sight to enjoy while you indulge in luxury.

Located between SoHo and Hudson River, this cool and elegant hotel reflects the architectural opulence of the surrounding area. With loft-like accommodation, re-purposed with splashes of accent pieces and industrial light fixtures, Hotel Hugo is a hotel for lovers of style.

Getting Around

(Source: Matt Nelson)

If you have a small dog or cat, getting around New York City shouldn’t be a hassle! Small pets are allowed on most public transport, including the subway and buses, with no extra fare or ticket required. However, your pet shouldn’t be on leash or carried by head, and instead in a kennel or similar small carrier.

For owners of bigger dogs who would find it difficult to travel with a large crate or kennel, travelling by foot or using cab services would be the most convenient option. 

Going Out and About

You can visit many of New York City’s popular attractions with your pup right by your side. 

Take a Stroll In Central Park

Balto Statue new york with pets
The Balto Statue in Central Park (Source: Central Park)

This not-so-hidden gem lies in the center of Manhattan, a luscious green getaway from the hustle of the busy city. When exploring the famous park, dogs must be on leashes from 9 am until 9pm, and may be allowed to walk off-leash between 6am and 9pm, and 9pm and 1am. While some of the park’s areas are off limits to canines, they’re allows to roam around most of its popular attractions and beautiful greenery.

Ride a Ferry by the Statue of Liberty

Staten Island Ferry (Source: Avi Werde)

A trip to NYC wouldn’t be complete without appreciating the Statue of Liberty. Since your canine companion isn’t allowed on Liberty Island itself, a ferry ride which makes an hour-long trip taking you to Staten Island is a fun activity for both you and your pet.

Visit the Dog Beach

prospect park dog beach new york pet
Prospect Park Dog Beach (Source: GoPetFriendly)

You heard that right! Located at Long Meadow in Prospect Park, the Dog Beach is a designated swimming area made especially for pups to swim in and enjoy. As well as the beach, the park itself offers vast open areas for your pets to run around and play in.

Preparing for your journey

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