Must Have Pet Travel Accessories

pet travel accessories

Make travelling with your pets as easy, stress-free and comfortable as possible with these essential pet travel accessories! From bottles to keep them hydrated for long trips, to cozy carriers and jackets to make sure they never get cold – these accessories are must-haves for travelling with pets!

Portable Pet Water Bottle

pet travel accessories Portable Pet Water Bottle
PetKit’s Eversweet Dog Water Bottle is a must-have for dogs on the move!

A portable water bottle is an essential item to keep with you wherever you go. Whether its a short walk around the neighbourhood or a day out sightseeing and exploring, a water bottle will always come in handy!

Built with a water-filtration system to clear out and reduce impurities from tap-water, PetKit’s Eversweet Dog Water Bottle contains a purification system made up of carbon filter equal to 100-single served water bottles. With an anti-spill bowl, leak-proof security and strong antibacterial material, the Petkit Eversweet bottle can be taken with you everywhere you go!

Petnf also feature an alternative Portable Dog Drinking Cup Dispenser. The products features 2 convenient collapsible bowls, and can hold a capacity of 520ml of fresh, healthy water. Lightweight, portable and leak-proof, this portable bowl can be used for both food and water.

Travel Containers

travel containers
Sky Kennels are the most ideal way to safely and securely transport your pet – especially through air travel!

Travel crates and containers are the most convenient way to move your pet around while travelling. It’s important to choose crates that are well-built for travel to ensure maximum safety.

When travelling with Airpets, we have your travel crates taken care of. Our services provide IATA compliant travel containers for guaranteed high quality and safe travel for your pet. Airline approved kennels are one of the safest kennels for pet transport, with strong plastic shells and sturdy metal doors.

Luxury Pet Shoulder Carrier

Image result for Scruffs - Wilton Dog Carrier
Scruffs’ Wilton Pet Carrier is lined with luxurious fur to keep your pet cosy and comfortable.

Walking through the city streets and feeling worried about your pet between crowds of people? Pet carriers are small portable crates or bags which make it easy for owners to carry their small pets around wherever they go. Designed for comfort, these luxury shoulder carriers ensure that your pet is feeling relaxed wherever you take them!

The Wilton Dog Carrier by Scruffs makes for the perfect, stylish dog carrier with a removable inner base for easy cleaning and maintaining. Super warm and safe for carrying small and medium sized dogs, the carrier comes with adjustable shoulder straps to make it as comfortable for you as well as your pet!

Travel Beds

travel beds for pets travel accessories
Ruffwear‘s Travel Dog Bed is essential for travel and camping.

If you’re planning a camping trip or heading on long car drives with your pet, travel beds are an essential item to take for the ride. Easy to carry around, roll-up beds offer the perfect bed away from home and gives your pet a snug place to rest their head.

Ruffwear’s Travel Dog Bed is the perfect solution for comfortable good night’s sleep. Filled with a warm polyfill interior, bed comes with a waterproof polyester base for minimal moisture absorption when used outdoors. An integrated handle for portability and loop straps make this roll-up travel bed easy to use and pack away whenever you need! The bed comes in medium and large sizes, making it ideal for bigger dogs.

For cat owners, the Mikki Cat and Kitten Snoozer is an adorable item to take along and use in your cat’s travel crates or sleeping spaces! Made from soft synthetic fleece, this bed is made for instant cat comfort.

Pet First Aid Kit

pet first aid kit essential pet travel supplies
The Pawly First Aid Kit for Pets, coming with over 40 premium items for any emergency!

A practical first aid kit is necessary for any type of travel, especially when moving out and about or camping in the outdoors. If emergencies or complications are to come up, you can guarantee to be prepared! Pack a handy first aid kit in your travel bags and never have to worry about your pets health no matter where you are.

Designed to provide pre-vet assistance, the Pawly First Aid Kit For Pets offers everything you need to rest your mind while travelling. From pill boxes to store your pet’s medications, twisty tick removers, bandages for wounds, sting relief pads, eye washes, syringes and 40 more premium products, this kit is just what you need to keep your mind at ease while travelling.

You’re All Set To Travel!

At Airpets, we guarantee secure, comfortable and easy travel to any worldwide destination. Travelling and moving can require much prior research, planning and preparation. Airpets Services are here to make your journeys as swift, easy and hassle-free as possible! By taking care of all the documents, procedures, bookings and supporting your pet with veterinary medical assistance pre-travel, you can plan your trips

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